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Tallahassee Exploration Inc. is an energy company active in low risked property exploitation and strategic acquisitions in Western Canada. The company has an extensive inventory of low risk oil and liquid rich-gas development assets in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan-Manitoba. The core operating areas of the company are NE BC light oil and liquid rich gas, Central & Southern Alberta light oil, gas and other liquids, and the SK-MB light oil productions. Tallahassee has an experienced management team with a sound track record of shareholder value creation. The company is debt-free and fully equity based structure. It is return-driven and focused on delivering per share growth in cash flow, production and reserves.

Guz Zafar

Our Mission
& Vision


Our mission is to enhance the value of investments for our shareholders through the acquisition of low risk, high quality, and undervalued oil & gas assets, with no compromise on our highest standards of compliance on HSE, Corporate governance and regulations

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O&G wells across Western Canada


Barrel of Oil Equivalent Per Day

36 Million

Barrel of oil equivalent reserves in place

Tallahassee Exploration Inc. (TEI) is a western Canada based focused oil & gas production company. It has a healthy mix of oil, liquids and gas portfolio with 5 focused core exploitation regions within Canada. TEI focuses on lower risk, undervalued oil & gas production acquisition portfolios, and further exploitation of these assets. The asset-based portfolio is well spread and de-risked with estimated 700 oil & gas wells on a gross level basis, with direct TEI managed and operated interests in 120 wells, and remaining as non-operated with varying smaller working interests and/or royalties across Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

TEI oil & gas assets have Proven and Probable (2P) Reserves ~6MMBOE at year end 2018 verified by 3rd party reserve evaluators & auditors. Tallahassee further holds existing shale liquid-rich rights, with an estimated total of Contingent resources ~ 30 MMBOE.

Tallahassee takes pride in maintaining a long term focused, stable financial modeled company, where it is:

(I) DEBT FREE from any shape or form of bank lending or interest-based financing,

(II) FULLY EQUITY based investment model,

(III) Focused on HIGH QUALITY & MARKET DRIVEN DISTRESSED ASSETS acquisitions with equity raised

(IV) A healthy balance of CASH FLOW DRIVEN portfolios, resulting in annual dividends and long term capital re-investments value creation for the shareholders.

This approach has complimented our long term stability, vision, and growth while most of the industry peers have struggled during industry distress times as seen historically.

Governance & Compliance
  • Third party audited financials
  • Third party reserve audits
  • Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) Reporting