About Us


Our mission is to enhance the value of investments for our shareholders through the acquisition of low risk, high quantity and undervalued oil & gas assets, with no compromise on our highest standards of compliance on HSE, corporate governance and regulations.


Our vision is to be a prominent independent oil & gas company through exploration, property acquisition and optimization. By developing and nurturing a long term strategic vision that drives company growth and profitability, we aspire to sustain value and create strong financial returns for our shareholders and partners. By continually innovating and improving our operational and organizational performance, we aim to meet or exceed the success of our peers.


At the core of our values are:


Our team members will always be conscientious with respect to safety, business, and protection of the environment. Our strong fiscal discipline and accountability ensure we are operating with the highest standards and remaining prudent in our risk-taking. We work to minimize our environmental impact through proper planning and due diligence.


We encourage an environment of innovation and organizational learning for the continued development of the company. We believe the need for innovation in our industry goes beyond technology to information management, communication, business practices, and how we build relationships.


We value open and honest communication both internally with shareholders and employees, and externally, with partners, vendors, operations communities. We desire to be transparent and respectful in every situation. We will reward our shareholders, employees, and partners for their trust and commitment. We also provide for long-term company growth by building a strong team of qualified people matched with positions that utilize their strengths and advanced technology that maximizes their effectiveness.


Strategic growth focus

    • To continue to grow from a sizeable junior-size to a mid-size E&P operator in Canada by Q4 2022.
    • Continue to grow our significant existing production base, with a target to double it by Q4 2022.
    • Continue to grow our significant Proven + Probable reserve base, with a target to double it by Q4 2022.

Acquisition & Exploitation

Our targeted acquisition is primarily a long term reserve base development and exploitation opportunities.

We frequently review prospects for possible investment near our core operating areas, both working interests, and the property, that have multiple wells, offer step-out or in-fill development opportunities, and would benefit from operational enhancements. We actively pursue interest ownership consolidation, acquiring additional interests in existing properties as they become available from other non-operating working interest owners.

    • Significantly grow the Contingent reserve base via Montney shale gas-liquid rich land holdings in the NE BC.
    • Continue to grow the cash flow and maximize the shareholder dividends
    • Maintain lower overhead and field operating costs as compared to our peers.


We increase reserve production by developing and improving existing wells through internal geologic, technical, and economic reviews, and by implementing advanced downhole technology, we are able to improve production capabilities of existing properties at a reasonable cost. We regularly review our older properties to see if newer methods will improve production. We center our efforts on reclamation, stimulations, and operational efficiencies as well as working candidate idle and shut-in wells.


    • Low operating cost while operating to the highest HSE standards
    • Value commodity creation via alternate marketing strategy
    • Experimentation with newer technologies to positively impact production.

Western Canadian Assets

    • Operating in 5 core regions
    • ~700 Oil & Gas Wells
    • 5000+ BOEPD as of 2021

Organizational Structure

    • Direct Cash Investment/JV Participation Structure via TEI in Canada and TRI in Pakistan
    • Deferred Plan Investment via TRC Fund II (Corporate Shareholding & Shares issuance structure)

International Assets

    • Low-risk optimization & development strategy in Canada
    • High Impact exploration & development strategy internationally
    • Low G&A and cost-conscious model implementations
We’re always interested in new opportunities and partners to work with, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

If you want to contact us about any questions please send us an email at investors@tallah.ca


Our commitment

  • Ambition: To become a responsible energy producer
  • Protecting people & environment
  • Responding to Environmental Challenges
  • Helping to foster shared development

Our team

  • Innovation
  • Ambition
  • International Presence
  • Organization
  • Corporate Governance

Our expertise

  • Low Risk, High Return
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Resource Exploration
  • Investor Relations
  • Building Partnerships