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Company Background

Tallahassee Resources Inc. (Tallahassee) is a private firm specializing in direct investments mainly focusing on low risk, undervalued, producing and non-producing oil & gas assets which has an upside in terms of simple work over, tie-ins, stimulation or infill drilling programs. Tallahassee is located in the heart of downtown Calgary, Alberta.

Since the creation of the company 4th Quarter of 2007, our goal has remained the same: to provide attractive returns to our investors, through cost effective management of low-risk energy investments, while emphasizing preservation of capital. By placing a premium on controlling risk by acquiring producing and non-producing fields with partners, Tallahassee is able to capitalize on joint pool of engineering and geologic expertise to spread risk, control costs, identify long life producing wells and become a higher-margin producer.

Tallahassee believes in low G&A cost and lean management model. Tallahassee employs relevant staff and consultants such as Operations Engineer, Reservoir Engineers, Geologist, Production Engineer, Completion Engineer, Field Operators, Finance/Controller, Landman, JV Accountant, Production Accountant and Tax Advisors/Auditors among others.

Tallahassee currently or previously held stakes in various Oil and Gas fields in Alberta and BC such as Rainbow Lake, Red Earth, Bashaw, High River, Berry, Valhalla, Pouce Coupe, Worseley, Teepee, Radaway, Atikmak, Medicine Hat, Kaybob, Rigel, Buick Creek, Helmet, and Helmet North amongst others with Corporate Reserves 30 MM BOE.

Tallahassee Resources Inc’s current strategy while evolving since the company was founded in 2007 to acquire:

1) Operating and Non-operating working interest in producing and non-producing properties of large or established oil and gas operating companies

2) Focus on low risk, undervalued, producing oil & gas assets which has an upside in terms of simple work over, tie-ins, stimulation or infill drilling programs.

3) Operate and develop reasonable sized mature and producing properties within Canada and Internationally.

4) Farm out existing lands to an established Oil and Gas Operator in the area with more resource to develop Tallahassee leases.

5) Our goal is to utilize our expertise and become a more efficient owner of these assets by pooling our engineering resources to combine the experience level, spreading our risks, controlling costs and finding avenues to increase production. Our diligent tracking of each step of the production process enables us to monitor our progress and continually improve our efficiencies and generate consistent returns.

Tallahassee results have emphasized the importance of our disciplined operating philosophy. By purchasing properties with a high net monetary gain, we are in a position to add value by implementing further work over, and exploration projects to increase production and further enhance the value of our properties. Placing a high priority on the details and partnered in wells, where the physical control of the day to day operations is either in hands with Tallahassee or a responsible and well established Operating companies, has enabled Tallahassee to effectively keep its cost to a minimum most of the time.

Tallahassee own working interests in over 100 wells in Alberta and BC with Corporate Reserves 35 MM of oil equivalent.

We are committed to “the details” and have a dedicated team with industry experience ranging from 5 to 40 years that carries this philosophy into the operations of our assets.