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Governance & Compliance


Tallahassee enlists Corporate Governance policies that are designed to ensure stakeholders’ interests are addressed through structural simplicity, transparency and aligned interests. Tallahassee will strive to maintain Corporate Governance that is proactive and evolving as improvements become necessary.

The key elements of Corporate Governance are as follows:

    • The Board of Directors includes the Shareholders and the executive management for the alignment of interest.
    • There are delegated specific areas of the corporate responsibility under the supervision of the Committee members for the third party Financial Audits, the internal & external Reserves Audits and internal Corporate Governance policies’ implementation.
    • There is an internal code of conduct which is based upon responsible corporate practices integrity values and shared with staff to practice in full.
    • There is a corporate commitment to ensure the Health and Safety of all Tallahassee staff, contractors and the stakeholders within the communities where we operate.
    • At Tallahassee there is a strong desire for the environment protection, and a dedication to ensuring that all elements of our activity meet or exceed all appropriate regulations.
    • Tallahassee has an internal & external disclosure policy that has been made aware to our operational personnel and implemented across the Board. 
    • Tallahassee has an open communication policy that enables any person to communicate directly to the Management level if they feel they have witnessed any inappropriate operating, or any other malpractice.


Tallahassee maintains full corporate compliance and transparency for its Shareholders, this includes: 

    • Third party independent audited financials (as per IFRS-International Financial Reporting Standards).
    • Third party independent asset reserve audits.
    • Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) required reporting as a private entity.

Corporate Information


BDO Canada LLP

Independent Reserve Auditors

McDaniel’s & Associates Consultants Ltd
GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd

Legal Councils

Burnett Duckworth & Palmer (BD&P) LLP
Lawson Lundell LLP

Transfer Agent
Olympia Trust Company